About Me

I am a student from Mines de Saint-Etienne, a top engineering school in France, specializing in Data Science and AI related topics, studying general Applied Mathematics and Statistics topics alongside Computer Science. Loving maths, I am too a math teacher up to Bachelor level. This website will permit you to know me better and see what i am capable of.

My curriculum

While being a huge self-learner, i did the usual 'royal road' for top engineering schools in France, studying pure theoretical maths, physics and computer science.
In engineering school my courses where focused on :

  • Data Science, ML and AI

  • Probability and Statistics

  • Computer Science

My experiences

I have been a math tutor for a while. I have been repairing computers' software since i was little to earn some money. (Got some knowledge in Hardware too). I implemented diverse machine learning algorithms, understanding and proving why they work (Linear and Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, SVM, Naive Bayes, kNN, K-Means, Random Forest, PCA, Neural Networks...). I know how to deploy ML models, do some front end and interact with SQL databases.

What I’m good at?

I consider myself more of a mathematician than a computer scientist, but we cannot deny data science while being heavily statistics related, needs you to be fluent in languages like python or R to create models and preprocess data. And i personnaly find that boring needing help to deploy websites/models or to create data pipelines and so some SQL, so while being an expert in the mathematical background being my main curicuulum, i consider myself quite able to do any task related to data enginnering.

Python programming

Many of my personal work related to data science was done in python, some school work in R. This website's backend is fully done in python using the flask framework.

Big learner

I learned web development in some weeks while working on this project. I consider that i can understand anything with some time given to me.

Web deployment

While not being a huge expert, i learned some HTML, CSS and JavaScript doing this website. I consider myself quite proficient in web development using flask and python. With me consider your AI models deployed ready for your commercials after i created them.

Statistics and Data Science

I have been a mathematics teacher for three years as a part timer, up to bachelor level. I Majored in AI and Data Science in engineering school, with minors in computer science. And I am finishing a Research Master (M2) in Applied mathematics and Statistics.

My Projects

Mainly for learning purposes in real world condition

Recommend me an Anime

Never be in need of something to watch

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Contact Me

If you are in need of a versatile, capable and fast learner worker on data driven projects, do not hesitate to contact me.
(If you don't want to click down here because you hate mail-to links, you can send me a mail at amir@boussejra.com)